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Serving Maryland and Beyond with Leading Financial Solutions

Guiding Your Financial Decisions. Supporting a Lifetime of Wealth.

Your financial freedom is our priority. As fiduciaries, we ensure that your portfolio, investments and legacy plans are aligned seamlessly with your overall financial picture. With years of experience and access to leading financial tools, we build robust wealth management solutions to support continued financial stability for you and your family.


In unpredictable global markets, having a coordinated financial strategy is the first step to ensure wealth building and preservation. To accomplish this, we provide guidance for portfolio management, employer-sponsored plans, tax strategies, estate planning and much more.

Our Capabilities

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Comprehensive Financial & Retirement Planning 

By working with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional from Marks Wealth LLC, you are partnering with a trusted teammate who puts your goals and aspirations first. Every financial decision, investment and family planning strategy that we enact on your behalf is designed to support the lifestyle you want with the people you cherish.


We offer full support and provide service on these main areas below:


- Retirement Planning

- Debt Alleviation

- College Planning

- Personal Finance & Budgeting Analysis

- Portfolio & Investment Advice

- Legacy and Estate Planning

Retirement Planning

Investment Management

As you balance your family, career and lifestyle, finding the time to research, allocate and manage investments can be challenging. With countless options to choose from that feature various levels of risk and potential returns, making the right financial decisions for your unique situation requires careful evaluation. At Marks Wealth LLC, our Maryland-based team manages your portfolio and investments with the utmost attention to detail. Additionally, we help you navigate the tax benefits, contribution considerations and investment options for both Roth and traditional 401(k) plans.

Investment Management
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Risk Management

We take your current savings, lifestyle, time horizon and retirement timeline into consideration to determine a comprehensive risk management assessment. We then factor your risk tolerance into your overall financial plan, making sensible decisions to support your goals and life objectives.

Risk Management

Tax Efficiency Strategies

We understand the implications that federal, state and local taxes can have on your portfolio and overall wealth. Year-end considerations, distribution strategies, tax exemptions, capital gains and various account types each factor into your overall tax liability. At Marks Wealth LLC, we explore all possible avenues to help you retain more of what you have earned.

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Tax Efficiency Strategies

Legacy & Estate Planning 

Your financial future extends well beyond your own life. As you plan your will, trust and overall family legacy, having a dedicated partner to ensure that your intentions are met is critical. At Marks Wealth LLC, we start by asking the important questions, including:


- Who do you wish to include as part of your legacy plan?

- How do you plan to divide your assets?

- When would you like your heirs to receive trust distributions?

- Does family financial competency training factor into your legacy goals?

Legacy & Estate Planning
Behavioral Finance Coaching

Behavioral Finance Coaching 

From day-to-day purchases to major investment decisions, emotional choices can lead to severe consequences for your portfolio and potentially derail your long-term financial goals. We teach time-tested principles of wealth accumulation while helping you make intelligent choices that serve your best interests.

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Our Wealth Management Process

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