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Comprehensive Investment Management

Are your current investments aligned to your financial goals?

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Today, there are countless mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds and securities to invest in. With so many options to choose from, how can you be sure that you’re making the right decision? At Marks Wealth LLC, our trusted Forbes Magazine top ranked team, believe that our clients deserve individualized attention and planning to make the best financial decisions possible.

Our comprehensive investment management services are centered around six time-tested measures that guide us to make precious investment selections on your behalf.

Risk Tolerance Assessment

Investment Decisions

Asset Allocation

Tax Mitigation



Behavior Finance Coaching

Comprehensive Investment Management 

1. Risk Tolerance Assessment:

Your risk tolerance is based on your current net worth, time horizon, expected income sources, desired lifestyle and more. As retirement draws closer, the emotional stress and financial risk that you are able to handle can change significantly. At Marks Wealth LLC, our goal is to ensure that your investments are aligned with your risk tolerance level. In turn, we make strategic selections based on your current financial and emotional standing to limit your downside while allowing for future growth opportunities.


2. Investment Decisions:

At Marks Wealth LLC, we make investment decisions that support long-term portfolio growth while minimizing risk. We are able to select the proper securities by carefully weighing growth potential, volatility, expense, technical and fundamental analysis. Our strategies are centered around your unique financial objectives, adjusting as necessary to protect your lifelong earnings. We prefer low-cost ETFs and index funds over individual stocks or mutual funds. The investment decisions we make on your behalf are designed to limit risk and maximize returns.


3. Asset Allocation:

When determining how to allocate your assets, we align our decisions with your unique financial plan. In turn, we select the optimal blend of stocks, bonds, commodities and cash alternatives while ensuring that you are able to withdrawal the money you need to maintain the lifestyle you have earned. When you partner with Marks Wealth LLC, you will be working with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional who makes continual updates that evolve with your progress, retirement objectives and lifetime goals.


4. Tax Mitigation:

By taking tax considerations into account when managing your investments, we are able to help you keep more of what you earn. Whether you live and work in Maryland or somewhere else, our experienced team of financial advisors understands the nuances of federal, state and local tax laws. In turn, we harvest losses, offset gains, rebalance your portfolio and minimize negative returns for taxable accounts. We navigate the most detailed tax regulations to ensure minimal losses while keeping you in compliance.


5. Distribution Strategy:

During your working years, you may find yourself concentrating on portfolio contributions and accumulation of growth. Upon retirement, however, your concentration quickly shifts to withdrawal and wealth preservation. At Marks Wealth LLC, we help our clients take a comprehensive look at both considerations while advising the optimal withdrawal timeline, distribution strategies and tax mitigation measures to ensure a fulfilling and prosperous retirement.


6. Behavioral Finance Coaching:

Emotional investments, spending habits and lifestyle capital requirements can each lead to financial peril if not properly addressed. Our behavioral finance coaching service gives individualized attention and consults you on the right mindset toward data-driven decision making.





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